Thursday, August 06, 2015

Collection Drives

Due to the rising cost of fuel, trucks, insurance, and expenses, many of our clients’ programs are moving toward collection point donation drives.
DonorCall technology will allow you to target certain zip code groups, asking for donations to be brought to the drop-off location. This could be your warehouse location, individual retail outlets, a collection box, or weekend parking lot at your local school or mall.

Because scripts can be changed quickly and easily, you can alter the donation request to ask for specific items as the seasons and your inventory needs change. For example: furniture, warm clothing, baby clothing, appliances, or even electronics and computers for back-to-school time.

Your message will reach people either live via voice, or a full message left on their answering machine. You are building brand recognition while, at the same time, getting people to your locations. Many times, donors will drop items off at a retail location, and then visit the store to see the types of items available and shop.

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