Thursday, August 06, 2015


Effective and Affordable
Historical average places per-donation cost between $4.00 and $6.00 per donation generated.  This can vary by your geographic location and donor demographics, but it has held accurate for an eight year historical average.

With DonorCall, there are NO long term contracts and NO Hardware or Software to purchase.  You may cancel at any time with thirty days’ notice.  Some organizations utilize us only for certain times of the year, while others go year round because their donors expect the call and have been saving donations.

How we price DonorCall Service:
Hardware and Software Lease:   $190/mo.  – This fee covers the cost of your data cabinet, communication lines, power, and the software to generate your donation calls.  With the new laws,  you must be calling on your own behalf.

Communication Package:  Pick the size of your monthly communication package.  This is the total number of calls placed per month for ticket generation.  Calls are $.03 a placed call.

Telephone Numbers:  You can provide your own telephone numbers from lists, or we offer the numbers for purchase through our data source for $.019 each.  So you can purchase 100,000 numbers for $1,900 which is an incredible price.   You will utilize all the numbers for six months, at which time you can refresh them.  

Real Example – Sept. 2010:
Calls Placed:  40,012       
Address Confirmed Pickups Generated: 311
Additional Call-in Pickups from Answering Machine generated calls:  92
Number Cost over six months ($300 per month)
Total Monthly Fees:  $1,200 (40,000 monthly call package) + $300 numbers + $195 lease = $1,695
Total Cost per donation:  $4.21 ($1,695/403 Tickets generated=$4.21)
Average Retail Value per donation:  $98.41 (Total estimated donation value: $39,659.23 - 4.2% COGS)

This does not include Time, Labor, and Expense savings!

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