Thursday, August 06, 2015

Store Traffic

DonorCall can help you generate more store traffic.   The number one reason that consumers go to your retail  locations is for fresh items.  If somebody walks into your store and sees the same inventory two weeks later, the time between visits will become longer.   If you keep fresh inventory from new donations, then your consumers will stop by your location more frequently.

You can also use DonorCall to get people into your retail locations.  Depending on your local state and city calling rules, you may not be able to offer a sale.  However, you can still use DonorCall to request small donations be brought into the store, for which your donor will receive a special thank you.   The donation can be as simple as a canned good or single piece of clothing.  Once in the store, you can capture their information, offer them a discount coupon for their visit today, and turn them into a regular donor and consumer.

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