Thursday, August 06, 2015

Truck Pickups

If you are running trucks, then you know the additional expenses incurred by not having a full truck. With the DonorCall truck pickup program, all you do is put in the number of pickups you want on certain days, and let DonorCall supply you with address verified tickets. Depending upon the size of your community, DonorCall can supply 25, 50, or even 100 tickets a day! Plus, you will have a number of donors call in to schedule another day.

Successful DonorCall clients book enough tickets so that every household will be contacted every ninety days. People will start to look forward to your call, and will actively put items aside until their next pickup day.

DonorCall Truck tickets are significantly lower in cost and more efficient than conventional direct mailing or door hanger ‘bag-n-tag’ programs. And because these are impulse donations, you will find the quality of items to be significantly higher than your normal ‘day after’ garage sale or spring cleaning.

You will also be building brand recognition along with creating a base of new donors. DonorCall clients normally see between thirty and forty percent of ‘new’ donors added to their organization. These names are all supplied to you in spreadsheet form to contact for future fund raising or capital campaigns.

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